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FIRST is more than robots

On FRC Team 5059, we have a strong sense of diversity, equity and inclusion. We value each other’s input, ensure every person on the team is contributing, and foster an environment where anyone of any background can find a welcoming, compassionate community, and at the same time excel in the challenges presented to us. Building a robot is not our destination; building a robot is the path we follow to learn, innovate, collaborate, and build character. We use the task of building an incredibly complicated machine in little time under immense pressure while working together as a large team to bring out the best qualities in one another.

While it's easy to see the technical aspects of building a robot, Team 5059 also requires involvement in many non-technical aspects. From media and business to concept art, marketing and strategy, if there is a role for it in the real-world tech sector, we can use the same contribution on the team. If you're intrigued by what we do, but have interests outside of mechanics, electronics and coding, we have a place for you.

Prior experience is NOT necessary.

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The m.C. FRC Season in a nutshell:

You'll always get more out of it than you put into it

Shortly after school starts in August, we engage in a flurry of activity mentoring the Midnight Cicadas FTC, FLL and FLL Jr teams, finalizing our recruitment/team rosters, holding training sessions, possibly attending the FRC State Championship, and pushing harder on completing any off-season build and/or code development projects.

By December, we determine who has met the requirements to participate in the upcoming FRC build and competition season. We usually use winter break to reorganize the shop and prepare for the chaos of build season.


The FRC game challenge is released in January, officially kicking off our build and competition season. By the end of February, we are ready to compete with a full-functioning robot in at least two regional events. If we’re lucky, we’ll compete in the FIRST World Championship in April. By May, we’re already working on a plan of how to be the best version of ourselves for the following game season. Throughout the summer, we attend outreach events around the community, work on projects, build and refine the team’s skill sets, and prepare our shop space for the next season.


Initiative and grit

• Complete Application Below. If selected, we'll contact you and your parent via email.

• If you confirm your participation, we will add you to Basecamp, our team management software. It's expected that you regularly check Basecamp for information on meetings, events, team discussions, etc.

• If you already have FIRST experience, you'll be required to complete "veteran team member" volunteer hours before Dec.

• If you have no prior FIRST experience, you'll be enrolled in our apprentice program where you have a lower amount of volunteer hours (time helping run events and programs within the Midnight Cicadas teams) required before December. However, you will have a minimum number of skill-based qualifications that you must meet by December in order to participate during build season. Apprentice status will be graduated from at the end of a successful season.

• At every meeting, mentors review the performance of each student and provide feedback. It's expected that students continually improve based on these reviews.

• To be a member of the Midnight Cicadas, you must be a "Gracious Professional." Gracious professionals act with integrity, are ethical and professional, strive to produce and encourage high-quality work, emphasize the value of others, and respect individuals and the community. Gracious professionals enjoy the friendly spirit of competition, possessing a willingness to help and learn from their opponents rather than tear them down.